Introduction to 300 hours Yoga training course

The program overview.           In order to become a yoga teacher, you need to go through a 300-hour course. This course is more intense than the 200-hour YTT because students want to improve their skills with hard work. As with the 200-hour training, there is no need to teach after the competition. Even so, if you want to become a yoga teacher, this course will help you do that better. As with the first course, your 300-hour YTT can be done at home or at a yoga school or retreat.

Course Content

A good rule of thumb is that all yoga schools and institutions set their own curriculum. This is because the Yoga Alliance has set rules for how to teach yoga. If your school is a Registered Yoga School (RYS), it will follow their schedule to the letter, and it will be the same time every day.

A yoga teacher training course, whether done online or at a school, has the same basic structure no matter where you do your 300-hour training. In comparison to the 200-hour YTT, the 300-hour YTT is seen as more difficult.

Teaching Methodology

A typical 300-hour yoga teacher training course will follow the following content:

  • Techniques, training and practice.         It talks about yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation. It also talks about other yoga techniques, like kriyas, mantras, and kriyas. In this class, you will practise the skills and learn how to teach them.
  • Teaching methodology.           This will help you build on the foundations of your 20-hour YTT to find your own teaching style. Communication, boundaries, observation, helping, and correcting are usually the main topics.
  • Anatomy and physiology.       This module typically addresses bodily systems, organs, chakras and energy anatomy. You will gain more insight into how anatomy and physiology through yoga practice can benefit the body.
  • Philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers.       You will learn more about yoga through traditional texts and cover important ethics in order to become a professional yoga instructor.
  • Practinum.       You will learn how to teach through physical practise, and you will be asked to lead classes for your peers.
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People who do this course will have long days that will be spread out over the units above.

It’s a good idea to expect 150 contact hours with your yoga teacher over Zoom if you are taking your 300-hour teacher training online (or equivalent).

Also, you will be given videos and reading materials that you will be quizzed on during your study.


To take a 300-hour yoga teacher training course, you must have taken a 200-hour course first, and then you can sign up. This may have been done online or at a real school or retreat.

It’s up to you how long you want to separate them. Many students want to make sure they understand everything they learned in the first 200 hours of the YTT before moving on to the next level.

Course Time period

Your 300 hours can be done full-time or part-time. If you want to study full-time at a retreat or school, the average length of time you can do it is between four and five weeks. The shortest time you can do it is three weeks. But, it does depend on the school.

If you can’t make time for full-time study, you can finish your 300-hour training part-time. This can be done at a school near you in the evenings and on the weekends when you can.

It’s also possible to learn yoga from home. A 300-hour online YTT is usually self-paced. People who want to study quickly or slowly can do so, so this means they can go at their own pace.

Tuition Fee Package

Course fees for a yoga teacher training 300-hour depend on a number of factors. The average cost of a retreat will typically start at around $1,500. As with all teacher trainings, the fee will depend on whether accommodation and meals are provided, and the duration. You might find a deal and be able to spend closer to $1,000. A luxury retreat in a far-flung tropical destination can exceed $5,000.

A Registered Yoga School (RYS) accredited by the Yoga Alliance may charge higher rates.

Studying your self-paced 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh (India) will cost around $1,900, although in other countries institutions charge double that.

If you complete your course online before 30 June 2020, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher.

Procedure to Apply

You can apply for your 300-hour yoga teacher training online. Once you have found a breathwork course or retreat you like the look of, you can book via Yoga Teacher Land or directly with the school itself. Good luck!

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