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Today Amazon is a market giant where e-merchants can easily increase their sales and make a fortune. However, the love story can quickly turn sour if the seller violates the strict rules of this platform.
Also, many sellers have their seller accounts blocked due to certain irregularities. So what if your Amazon seller account was banned?

Why was your Amazon seller account locked?|

Before the seller answers this question, they must acquire and understand Amazon’s rules and codes of conduct.
In fact, this American platform has adopted a strict sales policy that every seller must adhere to. These include, for example:

full compliance with applicable laws and regulations,
questionable seller behavior (inaccurate account information, sale of products prohibited by Amazon, etc.),

In addition to complying with this commercial policy, the platform also warns:

the obligation to verify the Amazon PIN,
the protection of the information in the seller’s account,


At Amazon there is what is known as a “seller performance target.” In addition to the various rules and codes of conduct for a seller, the platform may suspend your account.

The Different Sales Performance Goals – What Are They?

Sales performance targets

Has your Amazon account been blocked? Let’s try to educate him on performance goals. Have :

The standard order rate is less than 1% – this is where Amazon focuses on the percentage of your orders that is directly related to the percentage of failed orders. In fact, Amazon will penalize you if the rate is equal to the percentage of all orders with negative feedback. The same applies if an electronic buyer issues a direct debit notification to their own bank,

the percentage of orders canceled before processing is less than 2.5%,

the late shipping rate is less than 4%, etc.

What then should be done in the aforementioned cases?

Solutions to lock your Amazon seller account

No one can question your efforts from creating your store to going online. But one morning, while trying to keep up with the progress of his activity, he receives a marsupilami hit on the head.

Your account has just been banned. These are already things that can happen, so don’t panic!

Why is this happening to you? That is not the question. However, the good news is that you have the option to unlock it.

On the other hand, don’t make the mistake most people make – emailing Amazon to justify yourself. This is a big mistake, never do it as it can be harmful and will ban you forever.

Instead, try:

Carefully review and analyze your various sales practices,

clearly identify the root of the problem,

write a convincing action plan that allows you to spot your mistakes (with the help of a professional),


However, recovering your account can be a long and tedious process. So, call an account unlocking expert.

Help from an Amazon Account Recovery Professional

Unlocking or restoring an account can take a long time if you are not familiar with it. So that you don’t get lost in the list of documents to present, you benefit from the perspective of an expert.

In fact, an Amazon account recovery professional is fully aware of the latter’s requirements. Also, the two of you work closely together most of the time.

You will not only be able to gather all the evidence, but also prevent such situations. The latter has all the necessary skills to restore your sales privileges.

While your service comes at a cost, it is important to seek their help to avoid losing your account and income forever. Contact us now about blocking Amazon.

What to remember:

Amazon has a good reputation in the field of markets in the world. Because of this, it does not allow a seller to question its policies. It must be the most efficient and secure platform that offers an unbeatable customer experience.

Also, if your Amazon seller account has been banned, avoid asking Amazon questions. Then call a real account recovery expert to resume service  Appeal Ninja.

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